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Research Statement

Following the already visible cooperation intents of several well-established research groups within the chemistry department in Köln, a Research Network has been founded in September 2004.
The main goals are
  • to amplify the great existing research potential in the field of „functional molecules“ and to initiate and promote new cooperative research projects;
  • to strengthen the international character of the department and its visibility and attractiveness for top foreign students.
  • to improve the training of Ph.D. students by creating a high-level and challenging learning and research environment (a new Ph.D. culture beyond the borders of the institutes).
The main scientific goals of the network concern the development of novel or improved functional molecules ("smart molecules") and their application in the three relevant areas:
  • "smart media" (e.g. microemulsions, ionic liquids, mesophases);
  • "smart catalysts and reagents" (e.g. multifunctional, compartimented or interphaseanchored chiral catalysts; supported photosensitizers);
  • "smart materials and devices" (e.g. switchable and/or electro-optical materials,sensors, light-emitting diodes, solar cells).
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